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PhotoFunia clients for mobile devices give you an instant access to same gorgeous effects lying in your pocket which is always ready for you to play with wherever you are.

Android Application

To get this app search for photofunia in Android Market or follow the download link below or simply point your phone's camera to below QR code from any barcode reading app.

iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Application

Search for photofunia in Apple's AppStore or simply follow the download link below to get the application on your device.

Our official song

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Welcome to PhotoFunia, cool photo fun
you can be whoever you would like to be
a super hero or a model in a fashion magazine
Pirate of the Caribbean, painting in a gallery

it's so easy to use, two clicks are all you need
so upload your photo, Hey! Best of all it's free!
over one hundred effects, we keep adding more
What can you do with your photos? Come on, explore!

You can make a photo animation
There's no limitation
Use your imagination!

Welcome to PhotoFunia, cool photo fun
you can be whoever you would like to be
while your face is on a Jedi who's fighting the empire
put your ex on a photo that's been set on fire

Put your face on Mona Lisa, on the wall of a museum
On TV, Signs and Billboards, where everyone can see 'em
You can be an angel, even Santa Claus
A new face on Mt. Rushmore or an Astronaut

For online recreation... PhotoFunia's your destination!


Logos, posters

Various PhotoFunia logos, posters and other publications in hi resolution.